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Our network is attacked 24/7 by hackers. Our security system bans hundreds of thousands of IPs every day, so it is possible your IP was banned by mistake. There are a few ways you can be banned:

If you are using an auto downloader, make sure your downloads are NOT multi-threaded and download only ONE file at a time! We do allow auto downloaders, but we do not allow flooding or too many requests at a time.

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Our network also supports ProtonVPN. We are happy to whitelist more VPNs, but we can only whitelist VPNs that publish their IP list. If your VPN does not publish their IP list, send a message to their support team.

If you think this ban is a mistake, or you want your IP whitelisted, email the owner of the site you visited, via the contact page or the email included in your subscription receipt.

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